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Creative Design

Harvard Education Oriental plaza BJ, BeiJing, China

Creative Design Day is a vibrant event celebrating the art and innovation of design across various fields, including graphic design, fashion, interior design, and digital media. This gathering of creatives features inspiring talks by renowned designers, hands-on workshops, and interactive exhibitions showcasing cutting-edge projects. Participants have the opportunity to explore new tools and techniques, network with […]

IT Day

Harvard Education Oriental plaza BJ, BeiJing, China

IT Day is a celebration dedicated to the advancements and contributions of the Information Technology industry. This event brings together professionals, enthusiasts, and students to explore the latest trends, innovations, and career opportunities in IT. Activities typically include keynote speeches from industry leaders, workshops on emerging technologies, networking sessions, and hackathons. IT Day serves as a […]

Children’s Day

Harvard Education Oriental plaza BJ, BeiJing, China

"Children's Day" is a joyous event dedicated to celebrating and honoring children. Designed for families and communities, the day features a variety of activities that promote fun, learning, and creativity. Highlights include interactive games, educational workshops, arts and crafts, and live entertainment. Special performances and storytelling sessions captivate young minds, while booths offering health and safety […]

UX Troubleshooting

Harvard Education Oriental plaza BJ, BeiJing, China

"UX Troubleshooting" is a focused event designed to address and resolve common user experience challenges in digital products. Ideal for UX designers, developers, and product managers, the event offers practical solutions through hands-on workshops, expert-led sessions, and real-world case studies. Participants will learn how to identify UX issues, implement effective design adjustments, and enhance user satisfaction. […]

Best Leadership

Harvard Education Oriental plaza BJ, BeiJing, China

"Best Leadership" is an empowering event dedicated to showcasing exemplary leadership practices and cultivating future leaders. It brings together experienced leaders, emerging talents, and leadership enthusiasts to explore the qualities and strategies that define outstanding leadership. The event features keynote speeches from renowned leaders, interactive workshops, and panel discussions on topics such as emotional intelligence, strategic […]

School Day

Harvard Education Oriental plaza BJ, BeiJing, China

"School Day" is a vibrant event designed to celebrate education and foster community engagement. Students, teachers, parents, and local organizations come together to participate in a variety of activities that highlight the importance of learning and school spirit. The event features interactive workshops, educational exhibitions, and fun games that cater to all age groups. Inspirational speakers […]

Creative Leadership

Harvard Education Oriental plaza BJ, BeiJing, China

"Creative Leadership" is a transformative event designed to inspire and empower leaders to think innovatively and drive change. This conference brings together visionaries, industry pioneers, and thought leaders to share insights on fostering a culture of creativity within organizations. Attendees will engage in dynamic workshops, interactive sessions, and keynote presentations that explore strategies for unlocking creative […]

UI Conference

Harvard Education Oriental plaza BJ, BeiJing, China

A UI (User Interface) conference for online learning focuses on the latest advancements and best practices in designing user-friendly and engaging educational platforms. This event brings together educators, designers, developers, and industry experts to explore innovative UI strategies that enhance the online learning experience. Attendees can expect insightful presentations, hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities, all aimed […]

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